The Kimberley Ride

The Kimberley Ride – shot by Benn Jae

In the spotlight

I won’t lie when I say I’m SUPER excited about showing you this short but sweet, dramatic, moving video of our flagship departure – The Kimberley Ride in remote Western Australia. In collaboration with the uber-talented producer and director Benn Jae, alongside my husband, Steven and I – we flew up to Kununurra and onto El Questro Station in May this year to shoot this video.

It’s always been a HUGE dream of mine to work with Benn Jae – I love his moody, literal style of filming – old-school, classic film. Oh and he’s a horseman so he gets it. He knows how to capture these intuitive sensitive animals in the best possible light.

You see I’ve stalked his work online for years, we’ve known each other since we were silly twenty-year-olds back in Brisvegas days. That’s where the crush started. Six months ago he said YES to my ludicrous idea of filming our Kimberley ride in-between his manic shooting schedule with Air New Zealand and Holden.

Why? Because he loves horses and believes in globetrotting and our philosophy – uncovering foreign lands and cultures from the back of a horse.

So we found ourselves in red dirt country in the middle of May, unzipping our tents at 4am, to have horses and riders atop escarpments as the sun rose above the boabs and billabongs.

I think you’ll agree the final video is heart-achingly beautiful, when I watched the final clip, my skin prickled with excitement and wonder.

I hope it sparks the same emotion in you!

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