Steph Hardy, Author at Globetrotting
The Golden Eagle Festival, Mongolia, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Stacey West – My Mongolia

Attention globetrotters! You’re in for a real treat. Our dear friend and globetrotter, Stacey West, joined us for the Golden Eagle Festival last year, and she has generously shared her love letter to Mongolia.  Her vivid descriptions will teleport you to Mongolia and make you feel as if you’re right there with Stacey, witnessing everything […]

Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride, Queensland, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Feedback on the Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride

The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride is the perfect ride to upskill and build your confidence in a safe and encouraging environment, with top-class creature comforts along the way. Kirsty Thys had such a great time she is already planning to do this ride again! Check out Kirsty’s feedback below. Which horse(s) did you […]

The Champagne Ride, Globetrotting horse riding holidays

The Champagne Ride in Pictures

Bonjour, beautiful globetrotters! We’re really excited to share with you some incredible images that globetrotter Jess Knight captured during her dreamy time on The Champagne Ride in France. Through her lens, Jess takes us on a magical journey and shares her experiences of one of the most unforgettable trips she’s ever been on. So sit […]

Chilko lake- Canada

The Chilko Lake Ride in Pictures

Caution! Enter blog post at your own risk! These images are very likely to cause you to spontaneously book a saddle seat on our Chilko Lake Ride! Globetrotter Emma Tomlin has kindly offered to peel back the curtain and share her dreamy Canadian adventure with you all. Captured so remarkably through her lens, these images […]