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Prepping for your Globetrotting Holiday with Ride iQ: Audio Horseback Lessons!

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Hello beautiful globetrotters,

I want to introduce you to something that’s making waves in the equestrian world.  Ride iQ, – your new riding buddy that brings the knowledge of top equestrian coaches right to your ears!

What is Ride iQ?

So, what’s the lowdown? Ride iQ, is a mobile app serving up on-demand audio lessons from the crème de la crème of equestrian coaches. Pop in those earbuds, and voila! You’ve got your own personal coach guiding you, shaping you into the rider you dream to be.

Imagine this: you, your trusty steed, and the guidance of top-notch coaches all seamlessly united through the magic of audio lessons on the Ride iQ, app. It’s not just an app; it’s your passport to on-demand, audio-centric training tailored for riders of every skill level. From walk-only lessons taught by Grand Prix dressage coaches to informative Hack Chats with 5* Olympic Event riders, we’ve got you covered. Press play and let the training vibes flow, no matter where you’re riding!

No horse, no problem

And… Another feature I love! If you don’t have a horse, no problem! Ride iQ, has your back with rider fitness lessons and sports psychology sessions to get you feeling physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming Globetrotting horse riding holiday.

Fitness and Mental Preparedness for Every Rider

Curious about getting riding fit? Dive into Coach Sando Training’s 10-lesson program to boost your strength, balance, and overall fitness. Need a confidence boost? Check out Natalie Hummel’s Sports Psychology series to get you mentally prepared for your ride – a sneak peek awaits you here.

Podcasts and Lessons Tailored to Your Globetrotting Holiday

Now, onto the good stuff: podcasts and lessons tailored just for your ride! Heading to Ireland on the Cross County in Tipperary, or the Castle & Estate Ride?  Tune into the In Stride interview with 5* event rider Austin O’Connor and then take lesson 610 for Cross-country Warmup tips. Fancy an Irish accent fix? Enjoy a melodic lesson with Hilda Donahue – 5* Event Rider and World Ranked Endurance Rider!

Heading to The Scottish Borders Ride? Check out this video with renowned female jockey Rosie Napravnik and then take lesson 951 for an Intro to Proper Gallop Position (Walking & Trotting). Off to Dressage in Spain?  Dive into flatwork warmups, skills, and full ride lessons with skilled dressage riders for that extra polish.

Insights and Interviews with Equestrians around the world

Off to Mongolia, on our Golden Eagle Festival Ride or the Eight Lakes Ride? Have a listen to a fascinating interview with Judith Mein who rode in the exhilarating 2023 Mongol Derby.

Or, perhaps you’re going to Helena, Montana where Parelli-style natural horsemanship forms the core of their horses’ education. There’s an interview with Linda Parelli herself and another with Parelli Instructor Jake Biernbaum, shedding light on the art of developing a strong relationship between the horse and rider!

Within the app you’ll also find a bunch of guided groundwork lessons and videos to try it for yourself, too.

Accessing Ride iQ

We are BIG fans of Ride iQ here at Globetrotting, and accessing the horsey goodness is easy –

Ride iQ, is a membership-based subscription at $29.99/month or $299/year. Get unlimited access to 500+ on-demand lessons, podcast episodes, weekly live “Ask An Expert” Q&A events, and a supportive global Facebook community.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or dusting off your saddle after a hiatus, Ride iQ, has the tools to enhance your riding fitness, perfect your position, and boost your confidence.

Wanna give it a spin? Start a 2-week free trial and explore all the awesomeness Ride iQ has to offer.

Have you already tried Ride iQ? I would love to hear which are your favourite lessons below!


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