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Top 5 riding jeans - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Top 5 Riding Jeans as Voted by our Globetrotters!

Jeans make great travel companions, even better if they’ll hold up to a day of horse riding and still look good enough to wear out to dinner or sightseeing! The trick to horseback holidays is to make our luggage work hard for us, and when there’s riding gear taking up precious space and weight, we […]


Prepping for your Globetrotting Holiday with Ride iQ: Audio Horseback Lessons!

Hello beautiful globetrotters, I want to introduce you to something that’s making waves in the equestrian world.  Ride iQ, – your new riding buddy that brings the knowledge of top equestrian coaches right to your ears! What is Ride iQ? So, what’s the lowdown? Ride iQ, is a mobile app serving up on-demand audio lessons […]


There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!

There’s a cherished mantra we swear by here at Globetrotting HQ: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!” As the unpredictable becomes the norm in weather forecasts, this guide is your trusted ally when rain clouds threaten your Globetrotting adventure.  No need to hit the panic button—we’ve got your back. Riding and […]

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The ultimate packing list for a horse riding holiday

Over the years I’ve honed my packing to a fine art. A lot of my globetrotting clients ask for my advice on what to pack and even though each client is given a detailed packing list, I thought I would share a suggested list with you all. Obviously it depends on the country and the […]


These boots are made for…

I’ve had so many comments on my boots of late, I thought that you my dear globetrotters would like to hear about them. A couple of years ago I saw a client wearing these boots in Kenya but it wasn’t until Equitana last November that I found a pair to buy. They are made by […]


driza-bone – the duck’s nuts

Last time we were on safari in Kenya’s heart land, the Maasai Mara, we got our fair share of unseasonal rain and afternoon storms. Personally I love the excitement of a brewing storm on horseback, when your horse prances underneath you, the wind whips and lashes at your face and the thunder bangs overhead – […]

Boo to jodhpurs, hip hip hooray for bombachas - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Boo to Jodhpurs, Hip Hip Hooray for Bombachas!

Ever since I was a little girl being ferried into the Dalby Pony Club while listening to Macca on a Sunday morning on the radio I’ve had an awkward relationship with jodhpurs. Let me explain: I wasn’t a beanstalk of a child like the ‘My Little Pony’, horse loving posse of friends that I had. […]