Globetrotting horse riding holiday The Patagonia Trail, Argentina

Meet a Globetrotter: Shanti McIvor

Shanti would probably call it fate, but luck was definitely on her side when she decided to book The Patagonia Trail ride in Argentina. Her incredible experience has made her want to join the Globetrotting team and look into offering horse riding adventures in Australia herself. Her passion is evident in her responses below. What […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Susan Wettenhall

It’s time for you to meet the wonderful Susan Wettenhall, a first-time globetrotter who recently ticked off a very special item on her bucket list… riding in the footsteps of the Man from Snowy River and visiting Craig’s Hut! As Susan describes it, horses are her life, and what better way to enjoy it than […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Bernadette Kelly

Meet children’s author Bernadette Kelly (pictured above), who has the very popular Riding High and Pony Patch series to her name. When she’s not writing, Bernadette loves nothing more than joining us on our horse riding holidays. Read on to learn more about Bernadette and her Globetrotting addiction! What was your first Globetrotting ride? My […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Annie McQualter

We met Annie on our Noosa Bush & Beach ride. This was Annie’s first Globetrotting adventure and I think we may have started something… she is hooked and already planning where she will ride next! We loved getting to know Annie on the ride and think you will to. Have a read and discover why […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Donald Dummer

I think it’s safe to say Donald Dummer is an explorer, an adventurer, and a lover of horse culture. He’s been horse riding in Mongolia not once, but TWICE and each time it keeps getting better. What was your first Globetrotting ride? The Arkhangay horseback trek, Mongolia in July 2012. What made you take the plunge […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Melissa Morrissey

This, globetrotters, is why I LOVE what I do. To be able to bring a smile to someone’s face is quite simply the BEST feeling in the world! Melissa Morrissey had been going through a tough period in her life when she found Globetrotting and booked herself on the Bush & Beach ride in Noosa. […]

globetrotting client deborah walker

Meet a Globetrotter: Deb Walker

Deb Walker began her Globetrotting career with our coveted Maasai Mara ride in Kenya a couple of years ago. Since that fateful trip, alongside her wingman, husband Noel, they’ve notched up some amazing horse riding holidays. Find out first hand why Deb loves exploring the world from the back of a horse. What was your […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Bahia Beach, Brazil

Meet a Globetrotter: Alyssa Brugmann

So one of my all-time favourite beach rides in the world is our Bahia Beach ride in Brazil. And by the sounds of it, globetrotter Alyssa Brugmann agrees with me. She recently returned from this ride and was happy to share her tips for globetrotters looking to sign up for this ride in the future. […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Kim Bourke

Kim Bourke is a repeat offender when it comes to Globetrotting. Since we wrote this Q&A, she has gone on to complete the Noosa Bush & Beach Ride, the Tassie Tiger Trail and the Grape Horse Adventure. Read on to discover how her Globetrotting adventures began – and what kept her coming back for more! […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in Mongolia

Meet a Globetrotter: Margaret Mooney

Meet our globetrotter, Margaret Mooney, who has notched up a fair few riding holidays with us. She’s ridden in India, Mongolia, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Argentina and more. Here is her globetrotting tale: How have horses influenced or changed my life… I have been passionate about horses and all things horse related for as long as […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in Namibia

Meet a Globetrotter: Lara Peake

For addicted globetrotter, Lara Peake, the bigger the adventure and the larger the culture shock the better. Lara has completed a whole bunch of Globetrotting rides in destinations the world over – read on to find out what keeps her coming back. How have horses influenced or changed your life? Riding has given me the […]

globetrotter jos flint

Meet a Globetrotter: Jos Flint

This is one of my ALL-TIME favourite fairytale Globetrotting stories. Meet Jos Flint, a true-blue Aussie sheila who won a riding holiday to Mongolia a few years ago. Jos, who has a mail run in a remote region of Tassie, had never stepped foot overseas, so her first trip became a 19-day horse riding trek […]

meet a globetrotter

Meet a Globetrotter: Julie Kerr

We were super fortunate to ride with globetrotter, Julie Kerr, on our guided ride to the Maasai Mara a few years back. You couldn’t wipe the smile of Julie’s face for the entire trip and her laugh is absolutely contagious. This is her Globetrotting story. What is your day job? For the last 17 years […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday Okavango Delta, Botswana

Meet a Globetrotter: Terry Wightman

Terry Wightman is a globetrotter through and through. Alongside her husband, Kyle, they have completed many of our Australian rides (some a couple of times), our ride in the South Island of New Zealand and travelled to the emerald green water meadows of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. This is her story. What is your day job? I […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Meet a Globetrotter: Chris Denton

Chris Denton had never ridden before and confesses he never really liked horses… that is until he and his wife Dianne decided to tick off a bucket list item and go globetrotting through the Maasai Mara in Kenya. What he experienced was more than he could have ever dreamed. This is his story. What is […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Megan Laver

Megan Laver seems to have the Globetrotting bug, first completing our ride through Mongolia, followed by the Torres del Paine in Chile. And she doesn’t plan on stopping with just two! Read about her passion for seeing the world from horseback below. What is your day job? I work with my husband Steve on our […]


Meet A Globetrotter: Regine Deubner

Regine Deubner was one of our very first clients to experience the joy of seeing the world from horseback. She joined us on a ride through Kenya, where she whet her appetite for Globetrotting, and has since completed many more rides with us, enjoying every minute of her time in the saddle. This is her story. […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Stacey West

Meet Stacey West, a keen globetrotter with a yearning for the freedom and adventure that comes from exploring the world on horseback. Combining two of the things she loves most in life – horses and travel – Stacey’s first taste of the Globetrotting world was when she headed to Mongolia, and I think it’s safe […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Brenda Morgan

I would like to introduce you to Brenda Morgan, an experienced globetrotter who has joined us on a number of rides in Australia, including The Tassie Tiger Trail and the Howqua River Ride. We caught up with Brenda recently to find out more about her life and the role horses play in it. This is […]

Globetrotting horse riding holiday in Catalonia, Spain

Meet the Globetrotters: Dave & Alison

Globetrotters Dave and Alison Sandy have been around horses for most of their lives and recently completed our ride in Catalonia, Spain. Like so many before them, they now have a long wish list of future Globetrotting rides. Read on to learn more about Dave and Alison’s horsey history, and why they love horse riding […]


Feedback on the Glenorchy Back Country Ride

If you have been lucky enough to join us on a globetrotting adventure anywhere in the world, you would know that following your holiday we ask globetrotters to fill out a feedback form to share with us any comments or recommendations about your experience. Well, when we received Margie Baldock’s form about her time in […]