• Brumby Week - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    Brumby Week!

    In the middle of the Australian outback sits Kings Creek Station, a place where red sands blow and twist through desert oaks and elusive wild horses roam the wide open spaces. This is the site of our epic Desert Brumby Safari – and once a year, it also plays host to Brumby Week, the most […]

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  • Meet a Globetrotter: Judy Calder - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    Meet a Globetrotter: Judy Calder

    When we received Judy Calder’s feedback on her first ever Globetrotting holiday, the Glenorchy Back Country Ride (which she undertook at age 66!), we knew there was more to be unearthed! So we sent her some questions, and boy are we glad we did. This woman’s lifelong love of horses is truly inspirational, and will […]

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  • Horse Breed: Irish Draught

    Name of breed: Irish Draught Country of origin: Ireland Breed origin: The history of the Irish Draught dates back many hundreds of years to a time when Ireland and Spain were regular traders, swapping goods such as wool, butter, wine, and horses. In the 16th century, the Spanish brought horses with Iberian (today’s Andalusian and […]

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  • Globetrotting's Most Intrepid Rides - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    Globetrotting’s Most Intrepid Rides

    If you’re looking for an adventure that will get you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, we’ve got plenty of horse riding holidays for you to choose from! Whether you want to scale the Patagonian mountains or get lost in the vast Namib Desert, whether you fancy face-to-face encounters with Africa’s Big […]

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  • Emma Massingale - Mole Valley Farmers

    Euro-Trike: Cycling 1000km with Two Ponies

    Emma Massingale is on a mission to bring smiles to everyone she meets this year. And the best way to do that, she’s decided, is load two of her ponies into a purpose-built tricycle and cycle 1,000 kilometres across six European countries. Emma is a well-known adventure and horse whisperer whose YouTube clips depicting her […]

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  • Don't leave home without a waterproof jacket - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    Don’t Leave Home Without… A Waterproof Jacket

    As a confirmed Globetrotting tragic, I’ve ridden in just about all weathers, from Patagonian snow to Icelandic wind, to Morrocan desert chill and the relentless pelting of Irish rain. In every destination, the weather can change – sometimes not only daily, but hourly! So of course, a good rain jacket is a must. Choosing the […]

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  • how to be a responsible globetrotter - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    How to be a Responsible Globetrotter

    Whether you’re travelling in your own backyard or in a far-flung corner of the globe, it can be challenging to ensure that you leave a positive impact on the people and places you visit. After decades of travelling the world, here’s our best advice. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints. This rule is […]

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  • Horse Breed: Sandalwood Pony

    Name of breed: Sandalwood Pony Country of origin: Indonesia Breed origin: The Sandalwood pony developed on the Indonesian islands of Sumba and Sumbawa. It is named after the Sandalwood tree, which was once of the island’s major exports. Not much is known about the history of the Sandalwood breed, but it is believed that Arabians […]

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  • Globetrotting horse riding holiday in Sumba, Indonesia

    Meet the Globetrotters: Lesley & Jenna

    Lesley and Jenna are a mother-daughter Globetrotting force to be reckoned with. Hailing from New Zealand, they have always bonded over a shared love of horses and recently took this passion to the palm-lined beaches of Indonesia on The Sumba Ride. Lesley and Jenna have some truly beautiful stories to share from their lives with […]

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  • The perfect birthday - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

    The Perfect Birthday

    So I’ve noticed a Globetrotting trend that I think you should seriously consider: Gifting yourself a horse riding holiday to mark a significant birthday! It so happens to be MY birthday today (May 8th – I’m a fresh 38 years of age) and I’m off to Bonnie Scotland to take part in our DEBUT Scottish […]

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  • Why choose a guided Globetrotting horse riding holiday

    Why Choose a Guided Globetrotting Ride?

    A lot of our globetrotters are solo female riders who may not have the confidence to travel by themselves. They prefer to join us on a guided ride, letting us take the guesswork out of travelling to a unknown country so they can relax. Our guests love that we take the hard work out of […]

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  • Horse Riding Holiday Ètiquette

    It may sound strange, but there is a unspoken code among riders on the trail that will stand you in good stead on your next horse riding adventure. Whether you’re a beginner rider or just haven’t ridden out as part of a group for a while, you may not be aware of the etiquette that […]

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Preparing for your Trip

  • Why choose a guided Globetrotting horse riding holiday

    Why Choose a Guided Globetrotting Ride?

    A lot of our globetrotters are solo female riders who may not have the confidence to travel by themselves. They prefer to join us on a guided ride, letting us take the guesswork out of travelling to a unknown country so they can relax. Our guests love that we take the hard work out of […]

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  • horse riding holiday Argentina horse breed Criollo

    Globetrotting Guest Horse Breeds

    We are fortunate enough to have a HUGE range of horse breeds, both purebred and cross-bred, available for guests to ride on our Globetrotting holidays. From the nifty Quarter Horses on our Montana ride to the noble Lusitanos on our ride in Portugal, as a globetrotter, you are guaranteed to be matched with a suitable […]

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  • guided horse riding holiday argentina

    The Ultimate Packing List for a Horse Riding Holiday

    Over the years I’ve honed my packing to a fine art. A lot of my globetrotting clients ask for my advice on what to pack and even though each client is given a detailed packing list, I thought I would share a suggested list with you all. Obviously it depends on the country and the […]

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Riding Holiday

    I’ve put together a list of considerations for first time globetrotters who are looking at dipping their toe into the addictive world of horse travel. In this day and age time is precious and holidays are like gold dust. Especially if you only have a couple of weeks a year away from your desk you want […]

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  • What Makes the Perfect Safari Horse

    Not to boast, but I’ve ridden a lot of safari horses in my Globetrotting career. Definition: safari horses are the horses that are ridden by guests on the horse riding holidays we offer. I’ve ridden a range of breeds including South African Boerpeds, warmbloods, polo ponies, Thoroughbreds, Mangalargas, Somalian bred and Mongol horses – the […]

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5 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom $3,000 AUD

Craig's Hut & High Country Ride

If your life-long dream has been to ride in the footsteps of ‘The Man from Snowy River’, then we’ve got the ride for you.

26th Nov 2019 3 spots leftFrom: $3,000 AUD
13th Dec 2019 3 spots leftFrom: $3,000 AUD
3rd Mar 2020 SOLD OUT!From: $3,000 AUD


3-6 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom €1,525 EUR?Tour costs €1,525 EUR which is approximately $2,442 AUD

Dressage Ride

Learn to dance to the majestic rhythm of the Andalusian horse on one of these dressage-based itineraries in Spain!



3-7 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom €1,570 EUR?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,514 AUD

Castle & Estate Ride

Believe me when I say, our Castle & Estate Ride in County Monaghan, Ireland is a fairytale wonderland for ANY equestrian enthusiast.

12th Aug 2019 4 spots leftFrom: €1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,514 AUD
23rd Sep 2019 2 spots leftFrom: €1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,514 AUD
13th Oct 2019 6 spots leftFrom: €1,570 EUR ?Tour costs €1,570 EUR which is approximately $2,514 AUD


6-13 NightsBeginner to AdvancedFrom $3,180 USD?Tour costs $3,180 USD which is approximately $4,506 AUD

Shell, Wyoming

Wide open spaces, Western tradition and mouth-wateringly good food are just a few of the reasons we love globetrotting in Wyoming, USA.




Stories from the saddle



I started Globetrotting a bit over a decade ago, thanks to a quarter-life crisis. You see, I had turned 25 and went on a 10-day horse riding safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, where my mind was blown by witnessing the wildebeest migration astride a safari horse. It was THIS crazy, colourful, life-changing experience that led me to step away from my business (Salt magazine), my boyfriend (now husband – thankfully Steven is a very patient man), mortgage and flee to a remote 100,000 acre estancia in Patagonia only accessible via horse.

For the next nine months I jumped from saddle to saddle, driven by an unquenchable thirst to explore horse cultures in South America and Africa. When I finally returned home, Globetrotting took form alongside my business at the time, Salt magazine.

You see, I fell in love with this form of travel – Globetrotting – where the pace is slower and the experience richer.

Rather than travelling in a tour bus (conveyor-belt travel, I like to call it), when you’re astride a horse, you climb under the skin of a country, absorbing every nuance it has to offer.

I knew it was the only way for me to travel, and I was determined to share this passion with other horse folk and I have.

This is a true calling for me.

I get so much satisfaction from sending Globetrotters on their own horse riding holiday, learning of the joy they get from building a bond with their horse and having their eyes widened and hearts filled to overflowing by their experience. It makes me smile inside.

Globetrotters see places, encounter cultures and meet people revealed only to those willing to travel off the beaten track on the back of a horse. They see the world through a horse’s eyes and ears, and discover travel that is slower and more enriching**.

Now more about the rides, we believe the rides featured in our colourful portfolio are the bees’ knees of horse riding safaris globally and each is unique. But they all feature intelligent horses, cultural spice, shifting and challenging landscapes, colourful characters, gobsmacking foreign wildlife and a pinch (ok, sometimes it is a handful) of adrenalin. They are remarkable horse properties run by passionate people who truly understand what horse people look for in a riding holiday.

Please note that we specialise in these countries because we know them inside and out. Because we are still afflicted with wanderlust, the country list continues to grow. While we have formed close relationships with the hosts who offer the horse rides, we also remain independent and will give you honest and impartial advice about which ride will suit you best. Since we don’t run the horse rides ourselves, we’re free to share an unbiased, genuine opinion of each.

We can also book flights, travel insurance that covers horse riding, visas, accommodation and suggest itineraries for before or after your horse riding holiday.

So that’s us. We just love what we do.

And whether a horse riding holiday is on the radar for the end of the year or in a decade, we don’t mind! We hope our website will feed your wanderlust, inspiring you to take the leap and become a Globetrotter.

When that day comes, we will welcome you warmly.

Kate Pilcher
Founder & Guide of Globetrotting

** Warning: highly addictive. Apply at your own risk.



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Can non-riders come on the riding holiday?

Yes, we offer a variety of riding destinations that cater to both riders and non-riders. On each individual ride page we’ll specify whether non-riders can join the ride.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to check in with us, and we’ll confirm whether the ride is suitable for non-riders.

Do I pay extra if I book my horse riding holiday through Globetrotting?

No, you most certainly do not. Globetrotting is a booking agency specialising in horse riding holidays and it is no more expensive to book through us as compared to going directly to the outfitter. In fact, we guarantee that you won’t get your trip cheaper anywhere else. We are so confident of this claim that if you happened to stumble on a unicorn and find the same ride for less, we will refund you the difference. How is that for peace of mind?

Can I bring my own horse?

The answer is no (unless you have the cash flow to fly your horse to Kenya!) The portfolio of rides that Globetrotting recommends to clients involves riding the horses provided by the outfitter. A lot of riders prefer to ride their own horses as they know them inside out, however we can assure you that you’ll be truly satisfied with the type of horse that you’ll ride on each and every ride that we recommend.

Before you arrive the outfitter will have a globetrotting information sheet on your riding ability and the type of horse that you prefer to ride. Horses will be matched according to your ability and there is always the option to swap horses if need be.

Since we personally road-test each and every ride {and thus their string of horses} here is a list of the characteristics and traits that we’re looking for in a guest horse.

Get up, close and personal with some of our Globetrotter’s favourite mounts here who are now legendary in status.

Do I need travel insurance even if I’m travelling domestically?

The short answer – yes. Travel insurance is compulsory on all Globetrotting rides and is a condition of booking with Globetrotting, regardless if you’re travelling within your home country or abroad. When selecting a travel insurance policy we require that at a minimum you are covered for horse riding as an activity, and medical expenses, including emergency repatriation.

When looking for a travel insurance policy make sure it covers personal liability, loss of luggage and personal effects and most importantly cancellation insurance. This will cover cancellation penalties in certain circumstances if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately cancellation insurance will not cover you if you change your mind (unless you take the ‘cancel for any reason’ insurance – which we recommend.)

Your insurance policy including the specific name of your insurance company, policy number and emergency insurance contact number MUST be provided before you start your ride. You’ll be able to upload your travel insurance details within your Globetrotter profile.

For more information on the long and short of travel insurance read this.

Our colleague, Rebecca Dibbs can provide a non-obligation travel insurance quote that specifically covers horse riding.

When completing your online booking form, please indicate if you would like a competitive travel insurance (that specifically covers horse riding) quote provided.