Horse Breed: Bavarian Warmblood

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Bavarian Warmblood_Stones Throw FarmName of breed: Bavarian Warmblood

Country of origin: Southern Germany

Breed origin: The Bavarian Warmblood developed from an older Bavarian heavy warmblood breed called the Rottaler. The best Rottalers were calm, substantial horses suitable for carriage driving and plowing. A registry for Rottalers was founded in 1907, but when the horses began being used for competitive riding in 1963 they were renamed ‘Bavarian Warmbloods’. Today, Bavarian Warmblood pedigrees are made up of blood from other German Warmbloods, in particular Hanoverians, Holsteiners, Rhinelanders etc.

Distinguishing features: Bavarian Warmbloods are similar to other German warmbloods in type, conformation, movement and jumping ability. The easiest way to recognize a Bavarian Warmblood is by the brand on the left thigh – a crowned shield outside the letter ‘B’.

Modern day Bavarian Warmblood: The Bavarian Warmblood is seen competing internationally in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing. They are also popular choices in combined driving activities and have been part of several World Cup teams. There are also several prominent show hunters in the United States that are Bavarian Warmbloods.

Reference: Wikipedia

Image credit: Stones Throw Farm